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At present, many companies are provided with business insurance policies to safeguard their businesses. It can be defined as a risk management option to nullify the loss of a business firm.

As said earlier, any company owner in need to protect his or her businesses from risk factors like theft, natural disaster and automobile accidents can make use of business insurance. Apart from the above specified factors, you can also claim for insurance for factors like death or disability of key employees and legal liability. Today, both small and large companies are making use of business insurances to safeguard their businesses.

Different types of business insurance

Business interruption: At present, many business insurance companies are offering policies to cover the loss of income of a company during their downtime.

Worker’s compensation: Here the compensation is given to the concerned workers. If the health issue is occurred as an accident while doing work, concerned person can directly apply for his or her claim. Some among the common examples found under this category include injuries due to heavy weight lifting and injury due to explosions.

Company vehicle: As the name suggests, company vehicle is insured here to nullify the loss of money. Always automobile insurance is taken separately from other insurance like property.

Property insurance: This type of insurance is generally suggested for losses due to theft and physical damage of property. Businesses can improve their property insurance rates by including various safety parameters like alarm systems and sprinkler systems.