Consider these key areas before joining a partnership business

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Partnerships have many benefits that include complementary skill sets, shared equipment or expenses, and the opportunity to work with someone who has capital and another with the intellectual capital. However, partnerships will not work for every business venture as they involve handling messy partnership issues, different egos and the stresses of running a business.

However, if you are considering a partnership, here are a few areas to consider.

Sharing capital instead of expenses – If you intend to share your capital, you should be aware of the possibility that your partner may not use your resources be it money, information or expertise in the way you had planned. Therefore, work to create an arrangement that expenses are shared so that in the event the partnership does not work, you will be able to move away with less hassle.

Partnering with someone because you can’t afford to hire – This is not a good idea as both parties may work against each other as they find that they are not a good partnership match in regards to egos, attitudes and work ethics. Therefore, look at hiring the skill or work on an independent contractor agreement.

No written, signed partnership agreement – A clearly detailed partnership agreement will outline the role of each partner. Look at writing a legal agreement with a mutually agreed upon lawyer.

Overlooking a limited partnership – If one partner is only investing their capital, you can draw up a limited liability partnership, which does not leave both parties liable for the actions of the other.

The most effective way to market yourself

If you’re looking at starting a new business or looking for a new job, selling yourself right is key to getting the job you have always wanted. Here are some simple tips to help you sell yourself effectively.

Identify your niche – List out your interest, talents, and passions to focus on what you can offer your business or employer. For example, if you are good at talking to people you could consider a career in sales.

Seek recognition for your expertise – To showcase your knowledge, get involved in communities and interact with leaders with similar interest. Not only will you learn new things, but you will also be able to offer your knowledge to others in the industry.

Build a community – Use Facebook and LinkedIn to create a community of like-minded people and share your knowledge with that group.

Be of service to others – Help others by mentoring younger professionals. Not only will the opportunity refresh your mind about concepts, but it will also help you stay in touch with the changes in your industry.

Remember who you are – Your message to the world should be clear and always professional. Avoid using language that may offend specific groups and remember to always offer your views diplomatically. It is important to note that the best person to market themselves is you, so ensure that you sell yourself in a way that matches your real personality and professional style.


4 Ways to compete using retail customer experience

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Standing out in a competitive market in areas like price can be a battle that can never be won. However, providing your customers with a retail experience that will keep customers coming back for more is a sensible way to retain your market share. Here are a few ways in which you can increase your customer’s in-store experience.

Incorporate social media into your in-store experience – Since social media is an important aspect of most people’s lives, including social media access within your store, is a smart idea. For example, you could include a selfie booth near your dressing rooms, so your customers can upload their outfits or check with friends which ones they should buy.

Create in-store experiences relevant to what you sell – In-store experiences are great to give the customer a little bit more than visiting the store to purchase an item. For example, a bookstore could have author readings and a book signing.

Whet your customers’ appetites – Including a coffee shop or an eatery in your store is a great way to invite your customers in and allow them to browse.

Emphasize the experience of owning the product – This should be an important goal of your company’s marketing and sales team. You can do this by conveying how the product will help you perform an experience. For example, advertising depicting the experience of surfing by owning a custom-made wetsuit.


5 Ways to create a marketing strategy for your small business

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Marketing strategies can take a small firm time, funds and focus away from sales. However, a successful marketing strategy can help to reach your target market and increase your sales in a very short period of time. Here are a few ways to create a marketing strategy for small businesses.

Determine your objective – It is important that you document every expectation that needs to be met for a project to succeeds. For example, if you are spending X amount on social media this month, you should know how the money is translating into your business’s growth. If you are not making more than you spent, you should seriously consider changing your approach.

Who is my target audience? – Know your target market, what their likes, hobbies, lifestyle and interests are. This will give you an idea of what content, products, and services will best interest them.

Create and document your strategy – Once conditions of satisfaction have been outlined you should outline a plan and filter the details to the rest of your team. One document shared amongst the team will let each employee know what role they play in the overall plan.

Get personal – Personalizing your message will keep you loyal customers engaged. Do this my sending messages by name and remembering important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and offering special discounts.

Content is important – Quality content is always important since your customers will know that you have taken the time and effort to offer them something that is worth reading.


9 Tips for first time entrepreneurs

First-time entrepreneurs can sometimes be paralyzed with starting and running a new business. Here are some valuable tips that will help entrepreneurs through their rewarding, yet stressful journey.

Take risks. – It is important that entrepreneurs moving into business know that it is a good thing to take risks. Apart from the thrill and excitement, risk-taking will help your business grow.

Cold email everyone – Cold emails are great to get your product or service to different markets.

Keep an idea journal – Idea journals are a good way to jot down great ideas that come to you in the middle of the night or while you are at a meeting.

Network up – Use mentorship opportunities to help to strengthen your knowledge.

Network horizontally – It is important that your peers are there to help you through your journey. Meet them regularly.

Network down – You will have more knowledge and experience than others. Give back and help other upcoming entrepreneurs with what you have learned so far.

Be open to advice – Business advice can really push your business to where you want it to go. Always appreciate and take on advice from others.

And don’t listen – Learn to trust your gut and sift through advice.

Work with people you like – It will be a miserable journey to the top if you are forced to work with people who are difficult to work with.


Ways to market a small business for less than $100

For small businesses, making sure your marketing investments pay off is vital. Here are some marketing strategies that will cost you $100 or less while providing you with a good return on investment.

Research your market (cost: $0) – If you identify who your ideal buyer is, you will be more likely to understand how best to market to them. Understand gaps in the marketplace and how best you can advertise in them. This will also involve analyzing your competitors and how they target their consumers.

Turn email into your heavy hitter (Cost: From $20 to 50 per month – up to 5,000 contacts) – Email marketing works well for businesses and startups. It is the preferred communication method for many consumers as they are given the time to understand what product or service which is being sold.

Faster hosting for your website (Cost: $9 per month) – Since most consumers do research on what they intend to buy online; you should ensure that your audiences are engaged and intrigued for longer on your website. Do this by providing quick and easy access to visitors to your website. Your website should also be able to automatically detect what type of device your consumers are using and amend the format automatically.

Be strategically social (Cost: $41-71 per month) – For example, a sponsored post on Facebook or LinkedIn will only cost you $41. These forms of advertising will help to target consumers who will be more likely to buy your product or service.


Crafty Subject Lines Can Improve Your Lead Generation

When working on your email marketing tactics, consider optimizing your subject lines.

Emails that have been segmented tend to garner a higher performance versus ones that aren’t. One can expect to see a higher open rate and click through rate with the use of personalization. According to various studies, segmented and targeted emails generate more than half of all revenue for the marketers that were surveyed, and over 30% of revenues were driven by the personalized emails sent. Now, this isn’t surprising due to the face that segmented emails provide a subject line that is catered to the consumer – meaning they feel like a person rather than a number in an email.

Clear, Concise, and Catchy…

When writing a subject line, you should always prioritize clarity. Furthermore, you should also consider the catchiness of your content. However, never sacrifice clarity for the entertainment value. Not only can this harm your marketing campaign, but it can also put you in a bind where you lose subscriptions.

When you’re crafting your subject line, you’re going to want to create something that essentially will stand out to your consumer base. This could be something that is both eye-popping but informative at the same time. You want to let your reader know that what they’re about to open is worth their time – even if it’s just enough for them to simply open the email. By focusing on mastering this technique, you will be able to create subject lines that help your clickthrough and open rates.

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Subject Lines Can Make or Break a Sale

Take some time to create amazing subject lines to increase your open rates.

The subject line of an email is the first thing that your recipients are going to see. This is why crafting a witty and interesting subject is an important first step when it comes to your email marketing campaigns. Remember, if your prospective buyers overlook your email due to a poor subject line, then your lead generation will undoubtedly suffer. To sum it up, ensure that your subject lines are eye-popping and will catch the eye of the reader.

Incorporate Personalization

Personalizing your subject line may sound like a difficult thing to do, because it actually isn’t. Various companies send you email on a regular basis. Have you noticed that they personalize emails based on your interests and likes? They also use your name or surname within the email. This will immediately catch your attention as you at least take the time to browse through the email. Apply this when you’re looking to showcase a new product or service. By simply stating their name and a short phrase in the subject line, you might reel the consumer in to reading the content of the email. This strategy has helped thousands of businesses with lead generation and it can do the same for you.

Mix and Match With Other Tactics

You’ve worked hard enough on your subject line only to fall flat when it comes to the content of your email. It’s crucial that you match the urgency that you placed into your subject towards the content within the email. By doing so, you’ll improve your overall open rates as well as your reputation.

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