Three mistakes small businesses make when leasing office space

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Office rent is one of the most expensive expenses a company will have to make, and therefore smaller businesses with tight budgets should be careful when leasing office space. Here are three common mistakes made by smaller businesses when leasing office space.

Impulse decisions – Since small business owners will be spending most of their time at their business location, making a decision on office space is one that should not be taken It is best to leave emotion at the door and take your time when selecting your office space. Remember to have a list of what you require for your space and then tick off what is available at each site.

Solely relying on listings – It is best to look at listing as your chance to gauge the market. You should visit a few of the locations and understand what is on offer before signing and confirming your space.

Flying solo – You should use a good tenant broker if you are signing a lease for a space greater than 2000 square feet. This is mainly because there are many aspects to consider like space options, lease clauses, and other variables that need to be looked into before signing an agreement. Look at hiring a good tenant broker who will represent you. He/she will be able to highlight any areas of concern in the agreement and also will be able to negotiate a better deal.


3 Small businesses you can jumpstart right now

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More people are looking at financial freedom and work-life balance and therefore looking at different avenues to make money. Here are three small business ideas that will you can start right now.

In-home tutoring business – If you are passionate about a subject and love being around and teaching kids, in home tutoring is a business that will tick all these boxes. You could teach younger kids or older college students depending on the level of your study. To gain students, you can create flyers and hand them out at nearby schools or a library.

E-commerce retail store – E-commerce retail is a growing business and is now becoming very popular as more and more consumers buy online. Look at an area of retail you want to venture into or one that you feel has a niche. You can then order your goods from China and have it shipped to you. You then will have to price it and photograph it, before you place it on your site or other social media platforms.

Maid cleaning service – There is a big market for cleaning services, and therefore the work is relatively consistent. You will need to have at least two other people working for you, depending on the size of the projects you receive. Most businesses and homes have their cleaning equipment and will only need the manpower to complete the job.

7 Different ways to serve Ice Cream

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Ice cream is a dessert that is loved all-year-around. But with so many stores selling ice cream products, it is important to ensure your products stand out from the competition.Stores try to make their creations stand out by serving their ice cream with fancy toppings in custom yogurt cups, but this is now very mainstream and has little to no impact.. Here some innovative ways to serve your ice cream.

On a cone – Think of moving away from the usual waffle cone and adding a cake cone in a variety of flavors.

On a stick – Ice cream on a stick is a known classic favorite. Differentiate your product by providing different colorful

In a Sandwich – Sandwich your ice cream in between cookies, cake or sugar bread.

In a taco – An ice cream taco is a mix between a cone and a sandwich. It is a fun way to impress your customers and increase your sales.

Rolled – Rolling ice cream involves flattening it and then adding layers of fruit, chocolate, and cream between the layers.

In a milkshake – Milkshakes have been around for a long time, but the over the top creations are a fun way to get your desserts on social media and increase sales.

In a cake – You can make your cake with pie pastry, actual cake or even with pancakes and then you simply have to add ice cream between the layers.

To ensure that regular more traditional customers have options, invest in a few ice cream cups wholesale.


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Is frozen yogurt healthier than ice cream?

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Frozen yogurt shops have become popular treat among adults and kids alike. This could be due to its taste or the fact that people believe it is a healthier choice compared to ice cream. Here are a few facts that will help you decide.

Serving Size – Usually self-serve yogurt in white paper cups hold about 16-24 oz. On average frozen yogurt has about 100 calories per ½ cup. Therefore a full yogurt serve of 24oz will offer 500 calories or more.

Calories per oz – Since frozen yogurt has fewer calories from fat than ice cream, you will consume less fat. For example, a ½ cup of vanilla ice cream will have 100 calories and 2g of fat, while a ½ cup of frozen yogurt will have 100 calories and 0g of fat.

Probiotics – Probiotics is a beneficial bacteria that frozen yogurt supplies advertise. This form of bacteria is beneficial for your gut and will aid in digestion. To ensure your frozen yogurt has probiotics, look for the National Yogurt Association Live & Active Cultures seal.

The facts above suggests that frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream. But it is important to keep your serving sizes to ½ a cup and to load up on fresh fruit instead of candy, like chocolate sprinkles, crushed cookies or brownies. Some of these candies have a hefty 50 calories per serve.


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3 Things small businesses should outsource

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Outsourcing certain vital services will help startups to reduce overheads and move revenue to grow your operations, while freeing time for your staff to look into more pressing issues. The 3 areas explained below are vital to managing and growing a healthy business.

Content marketing – Content marketing provides information to your target audience and helps to nurture a relationship. The best way to make the most of content marketing is not to push sales, but earn trust and respect of those who may buy your products or services. Most large companies will have people responsible to generate content, but small businesses will not have the resources for this purpose. Therefore outsourcing your content marketing is a good way to create a strong relationship and a lasting impression about your company.

Bookkeeping – Small businesses are known to have employees that wear multiple hats. But this should not be the case for your finances. Making mistakes on your finances can really set a business back. Therefore outsource your bookkeeping to an experienced team, that is reliable and will provide you with the information you need to build your business.

Payroll – With a number of requirements and regulations on payroll, the calculations can take hours and the payouts are important. Mistakes on this end can trigger audits and cost your business in fines. Therefore it is a good idea to outsource your payroll to a reliable service that will provide your employees with the right salaries and benefits.


What You Need to Know about EMV as a Merchant

Merchant services have begun utilizing credit card machines that have small inserts at the base for new credit cards. Customers in the US are familiar with the magnetic strip, but a new kind of security standard called “Europay, Mastercard, Visa” (or EMV) is here to stay. Compliance isn’t a requirement for every business, but it certainly helps to get on board now while it’s optional.

What Makes EMV Secure

When a merchant account processes payments, it reads the payment data from the customer’s card. In the past, this data came from a magnetic strip that was easy to hack. EMV creates a special transaction number to authorize the payment, so when thieves try to steal that information they end up with a unique identifier that won’t function outside of that transaction.

Experts hope this will help customers and retailers avoid fraud.

Using EMV

There are two steps to small business credit card processing with EMV cards. The customer will insert his or her EMV card into the terminal, where a brief processing period authorizes the transaction. Data flows from the card to the merchant processor, which helps to verify the transaction and payment details. These transactions do take a bit more time to process, but the safety is worth the wait.

Final Thoughts

There is no way to completely stop fraud in its tracks, but we can take steps to dramatically reduce instances of it occurring. A user’s card may still be used if his wallet is stolen, for instance, but cutting instances where fraud can occur is important to everyone.

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