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Written by Gelato Products

Frozen yogurt shops have become popular treat among adults and kids alike. This could be due to its taste or the fact that people believe it is a healthier choice compared to ice cream. Here are a few facts that will help you decide.

Serving Size – Usually self-serve yogurt in white paper cups hold about 16-24 oz. On average frozen yogurt has about 100 calories per ½ cup. Therefore a full yogurt serve of 24oz will offer 500 calories or more.

Calories per oz – Since frozen yogurt has fewer calories from fat than ice cream, you will consume less fat. For example, a ½ cup of vanilla ice cream will have 100 calories and 2g of fat, while a ½ cup of frozen yogurt will have 100 calories and 0g of fat.

Probiotics – Probiotics is a beneficial bacteria that frozen yogurt supplies advertise. This form of bacteria is beneficial for your gut and will aid in digestion. To ensure your frozen yogurt has probiotics, look for the National Yogurt Association Live & Active Cultures seal.

The facts above suggests that frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream. But it is important to keep your serving sizes to ½ a cup and to load up on fresh fruit instead of candy, like chocolate sprinkles, crushed cookies or brownies. Some of these candies have a hefty 50 calories per serve.


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