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B2B (business to business) model is still evolving. The current format of B2B includes many types of products, services and information exchanges. They are primarily exchanging with others except the consumer.

One of the proven and result producing B2B strategy is the company Website. In this case, instead of targeting with the end consumer, these company Websites are aimed at attracting other companies and their employees. Unlike consumer Website, many of these company Websites aimed at other companies and their employees that may require prior registration and authorization to use it. Some even call them as trading portals.

Having a B2B Website aimed at other businesses and services bring many benefits to a company. It is a powerful tool to expand the business. It can bring higher returns with a minimal investment. Annual membership generates much needed cash for a company while providing advantages to participants. Company Website is a way to generate millions of buyers and sellers. It is also a way to automate bulk of a business cutting cost on labor and other services. Having a regularly updated Website also helps to get a better ranking on Google and other search engines. Information you collect from visitors to the site is a treasure trove for the company.