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One of the best things about the internet and the web is that it levels the playing field for all business large and small. Larger businesses have more resources, so they can take better advantage of the reach and exposure the internet offers. However, even a small business can take advantage of online marketing, they just need to be smart about where they put their limited resources. Here are the best ways a small business can use the web:

Facebook page

There is a good argument that you don’t need a website anymore. All you need is a Facebook page. A Facebook page allows your business to have a presence online without the costly need for hosting and website design. Also, you get a direct channel with your customers for customer service and general promotion.


A business that deals with the sale of physical goods should set up storefronts in the most popular services like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. There are also services like Shopify that simplify the process of setting up an online store and accepting various payment methods. You can also link the storefront to sites like Instagram if your products carry a visual edge.

Things to avoid

What you want to avoid is creating accounts at various social networks and not maintaining them. For example, everyone creates a Twitter account, but very few organizations actively use the service. If you don’t need it to interface with customers, don’t use it. Close dormant accounts or sign up only to reserve the names for future use.