3 Small businesses you can jumpstart right now

Article written by  : Adworks 24 – Advertising & Marketing News

More people are looking at financial freedom and work-life balance and therefore looking at different avenues to make money. Here are three small business ideas that will you can start right now.

In-home tutoring business – If you are passionate about a subject and love being around and teaching kids, in home tutoring is a business that will tick all these boxes. You could teach younger kids or older college students depending on the level of your study. To gain students, you can create flyers and hand them out at nearby schools or a library.

E-commerce retail store – E-commerce retail is a growing business and is now becoming very popular as more and more consumers buy online. Look at an area of retail you want to venture into or one that you feel has a niche. You can then order your goods from China and have it shipped to you. You then will have to price it and photograph it, before you place it on your site or other social media platforms.

Maid cleaning service – There is a big market for cleaning services, and therefore the work is relatively consistent. You will need to have at least two other people working for you, depending on the size of the projects you receive. Most businesses and homes have their cleaning equipment and will only need the manpower to complete the job.