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Summary: Even something as popular as an ice cream store should target specific markets. In this article, we look at the ice cream eating habits of families with children and adults.

The first step when starting a new business, or even marketing an existing business is to identify the target market. Ice cream shop owners assume that everyone is their target market, when in fact, with a little bit of targeting, they will save both time and money when marketing the store. Even niche stores that sell healthier options can cater to several subsets of the same market. This is why it is important to know who your target is and how to entice them. Here are the main target markets for an ice cream store:

Families with children

You can target your advertising by both age and gender. At least 34% of households with children consume at least four quarts of ice cream every month. Similarly, African American households prefer a larger range of flavors and eat more of the dessert than the typical household. Households without children consume about 20% less than those that do. Families that travel with children almost always stop for an ice cream on the way.


When it comes to teenagers, the statistics are slightly different. Teenage boys will always order premium ice creams when available. Teenage girls on the other hand only opt for the premium flavors after a breakup or during stressful times. The standard fare for teenage girls are healthier options like froyo or low-calorie low-sugar flavors.

Use data like this to position your store for the right demographic and make the most of your advertising dollars.

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