4 Ways to compete using retail customer experience

Article Written by : Visible Theory

Standing out in a competitive market in areas like price can be a battle that can never be won. However, providing your customers with a retail experience that will keep customers coming back for more is a sensible way to retain your market share. Here are a few ways in which you can increase your customer’s in-store experience.

Incorporate social media into your in-store experience – Since social media is an important aspect of most people’s lives, including social media access within your store, is a smart idea. For example, you could include a selfie booth near your dressing rooms, so your customers can upload their outfits or check with friends which ones they should buy.

Create in-store experiences relevant to what you sell – In-store experiences are great to give the customer a little bit more than visiting the store to purchase an item. For example, a bookstore could have author readings and a book signing.

Whet your customers’ appetites – Including a coffee shop or an eatery in your store is a great way to invite your customers in and allow them to browse.

Emphasize the experience of owning the product – This should be an important goal of your company’s marketing and sales team. You can do this by conveying how the product will help you perform an experience. For example, advertising depicting the experience of surfing by owning a custom-made wetsuit.