Three mistakes small businesses make when leasing office space

Article Written by : SEO Web Online

Office rent is one of the most expensive expenses a company will have to make, and therefore smaller businesses with tight budgets should be careful when leasing office space. Here are three common mistakes made by smaller businesses when leasing office space.

Impulse decisions – Since small business owners will be spending most of their time at their business location, making a decision on office space is one that should not be taken It is best to leave emotion at the door and take your time when selecting your office space. Remember to have a list of what you require for your space and then tick off what is available at each site.

Solely relying on listings – It is best to look at listing as your chance to gauge the market. You should visit a few of the locations and understand what is on offer before signing and confirming your space.

Flying solo – You should use a good tenant broker if you are signing a lease for a space greater than 2000 square feet. This is mainly because there are many aspects to consider like space options, lease clauses, and other variables that need to be looked into before signing an agreement. Look at hiring a good tenant broker who will represent you. He/she will be able to highlight any areas of concern in the agreement and also will be able to negotiate a better deal.