Crafty Subject Lines Can Improve Your Lead Generation

When working on your email marketing tactics, consider optimizing your subject lines.

Emails that have been segmented tend to garner a higher performance versus ones that aren’t. One can expect to see a higher open rate and click through rate with the use of personalization. According to various studies, segmented and targeted emails generate more than half of all revenue for the marketers that were surveyed, and over 30% of revenues were driven by the personalized emails sent. Now, this isn’t surprising due to the face that segmented emails provide a subject line that is catered to the consumer – meaning they feel like a person rather than a number in an email.

Clear, Concise, and Catchy…

When writing a subject line, you should always prioritize clarity. Furthermore, you should also consider the catchiness of your content. However, never sacrifice clarity for the entertainment value. Not only can this harm your marketing campaign, but it can also put you in a bind where you lose subscriptions.

When you’re crafting your subject line, you’re going to want to create something that essentially will stand out to your consumer base. This could be something that is both eye-popping but informative at the same time. You want to let your reader know that what they’re about to open is worth their time – even if it’s just enough for them to simply open the email. By focusing on mastering this technique, you will be able to create subject lines that help your clickthrough and open rates.

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Why use a digital marketing agency

These days, many California business owners are seeking strategies that will help them enhance their bottom line and build their customer base. One of the best ways to realize this objective is by hiring a California internet marketing company. Digital advertising professionals can provide you with a wide range of services that enhance your visibility and conversion rates in the online sector. Some of them include:

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Images Can Completely Change the Face of an Email

A powerfully optimized email can grab the attention of a viewer instantly. With a well-crafted subject line and a brilliant call to action, you can be significantly increasing your lead generation.

Using Imagery

Utilizing images in emails is an effective way to grab the interest of your reader. Within the first few seconds of glancing over your email, they’ll decide whether or not they’re going to want to continue pressing forward into the depth of your content. A strong image will entice the reader and practically force them to read more.

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Optimizing Banner Advertising

Optimization means different things to different campaigns. A real estate agent, for instance, might want to optimize their name as a brand. Amazon wants to optimize its product pages to draw in more sales. Here are some tips to optimize for your display advertising campaigns.


Before we dive into advice, it’s important to establish goals. We’re not talking about goals in analytics. Understanding the aims of your campaign will guide everything you do. Branding will require retargeting, for instance. Establish your aims first, then look at the tools you’ll use to achieve those goals.

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How to Target Specific Segments of a Market

When you purchase traffic from a buy-side platform, you have to segment your audience in order to get the maximum benefit. These platforms buy traffic from all over the Web, offering several categories to work with. If you don’t segment that traffic you will spend profusely for visits that don’t actually help your conversion rate.

Targeting is one of the best benefits a buy-side platform offers to you, and you can bring out a campaign’s true earning potential. However, getting to that point requires a diligent study of your audience. Read on for tips to accumulate meaningful data you can use to segment your target market.

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Traditional Vs. New Age Marketing

As a business owner, marketing is one of the most valuable and expensive tools that can be utilized to help grow a business. Marketing contains many different branches and opportunities, from newspaper articles to street advertisements to television commercials.

These all differ in the people they reach, how they market to them, and in price.

With the advent and consumerism of the Internet, a new field has evolved, and it has changed the scope of marketing. From marketing a television commercial that reaches millions of people to only reaching a few thousand, how marketing is produced and consumed has dramatically shifted. It has thus created a problem for business owners- where should my money go- into traditional marketing or into new age marketing?

The answer to this question is dependent on the business and their customers. If the product is generic, and can work for many different people or is in need by many different customer profiles, then traditional marketing might work best for the company. However, if the product is specific and narrowed down to a very definitive type of customer, for example, wealthy, middle aged, woman who is healthy and interested in beauty products and care- this would require a more direct marketing plan to be effective.

Here are some details and pros and cons on each of these marketing paths:


This includes newspapers, television, radio announcements, or any other type of media that broadcasts to large numbers of people. Here, the quantity of viewers outweighs the specificity of the ad, because the product can appeal to most people.


-Reaches the largest audience it can

-Focus is on the product

-Can be affordable enough to fit the business’ marketing budget


-Unable to get customer/viewer feedback

-Is difficult to stay current with constant changing trends

-Repetitive- could bore potential clients

New Media:

This includes interactive advertisements online that entice the customer to view the ad in another window or allow the client to be redirected to the business’ website. This ranges from banner ads at the top of an internet page to display advertisements on the side bar of a webpage.


-Developed with a specific target audience in mind, and only shown to that audience, which greatly increases ROI

-Able to be changed and replaced with a new ad very quickly

-Interacts with the audience, and allows the business to get immediate feedback from potential customers


-Multiple ads are needed for different sites

-Research and time is needed to develop proper ads

-Usually more expensive than traditional advertising