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A powerfully optimized email can grab the attention of a viewer instantly. With a well-crafted subject line and a brilliant call to action, you can be significantly increasing your lead generation.

Using Imagery

Utilizing images in emails is an effective way to grab the interest of your reader. Within the first few seconds of glancing over your email, they’ll decide whether or not they’re going to want to continue pressing forward into the depth of your content. A strong image will entice the reader and practically force them to read more.

Additionally, you can include infographics into the heart of your email as well. The pros of deploying them are that they convey your messages in a stronger fashion than text would. By creating an engaging infographic and integrating it with your image, you’ll be giving your email that one-two punch.

How Not to Use Imagery

As you may already know, integrating images into your email increases reader engagement. However, while you may be tempted to include multiple images into your email to increase the overall look, know that it’s a recipe for disaster. Having too many images will not only look like a mess, but your readers might not want to waste their time looking through its’ entirety. Be sure that you take one powerful image that fully represents the message or concept that you are trying to get across to your reader, and plant it in the center of your body. This way, it’s both eye-catching and memorable.

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