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Optimization means different things to different campaigns. A real estate agent, for instance, might want to optimize their name as a brand. Amazon wants to optimize its product pages to draw in more sales. Here are some tips to optimize for your display advertising campaigns.


Before we dive into advice, it’s important to establish goals. We’re not talking about goals in analytics. Understanding the aims of your campaign will guide everything you do. Branding will require retargeting, for instance. Establish your aims first, then look at the tools you’ll use to achieve those goals.


Targeting is the first thing you should do in setting up a campaign. Whittle the potential audience down based on their location, their income level, their home ownership status, and other factors. Shrinking that audience strategically improves your chances of conversions, and decreases your spending.


Sales copy should touch upon specific benefits the customer cares about. Part of finding a good niche is learning how to solve problems for your clients, so use that to your advantage. Do include keywords related to your product, and do highlight the potential challenges your product over comes. Do not substitute that for flowery sales language. Identify what the customer wants to see, then give it to them.

Final Thoughts

Testing will help you scale these ideas beyond making a handful of dollars. Everyone is excited when they get their first sales, but dedicated banner advertising marketers don’t wait for more to roll in. They look for methods to increase profitable traffic to their campaigns.