5 Essential positions you should fill when building a marketing team

If you are looking at building a high performing marketing team that is focused on growth and client acquisition, here are the five most important positions you need to fill.

The player-coach – Your marketing team will need a leader who is someone with high intellectual capacity, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to lead others. Although this position involves managing others, they will also have to learn to be hands-on and look carefully into all aspects of the business.

The researcher – Marketing correctly will require information like algorithms, bid management, and Google updates.

The Writer – Good quality content is vital to your marketing portfolio. Exceptional writers are required for blogs, social media, for PR, or advertising.

The website pro – You will need someone to design and develop your website. Managing your website in-house is an excellent way to stay current and make changes whenever required.

The analytics and operations pro – It is essential for any business to have a data-driven, operations-focused team member who can manage technology solutions and provide analytics that will help decision making. They will also be able to track your progress and help with forecasting sales and customer engagement as and when products, services or marketing tactics change.

If finding five professionals is difficult as your business is small, look at integrating the roles with individuals who have previous experience in similar positions.