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Small businesses will not have large budgets to spend on marketing and communications. Therefore, it is important that small businesses have a clear plan when embarking on any form of advertising.

When you are looking at selecting advertising methods ensure that they grab your consumers’ attention, provide information and offer consumers a reason to buy your product or service. Any marketing campaign should try to create a relationship, that will build a two-way interaction between the business and the consumer. Your message to your consumer must nudge the consumer to buy your product or service by providing a clear message that is visual and one that offers the consumer a single inspiring idea.

When creating a marketing campaign, consider starting the project with clear objectives. Clear objectives will provide a single creative message that will help the team working on the project. Reaching out to any target market can be difficult, as people are busy and distracted with the large number of marketing messages they receive. Making your idea stand out is key to fuel interest and inspire action.

Gather inspiration from campaigns that used key features of their product to make a statement in the market. Look at the “got milk” ads and the “smell like a man” old spice slogan. These messages resonate in consumers’ minds as they are simple and give you an overall idea about the product and focus on the products need to the consumer.