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First-time entrepreneurs can sometimes be paralyzed with starting and running a new business. Here are some valuable tips that will help entrepreneurs through their rewarding, yet stressful journey.

Take risks. – It is important that entrepreneurs moving into business know that it is a good thing to take risks. Apart from the thrill and excitement, risk-taking will help your business grow.

Cold email everyone – Cold emails are great to get your product or service to different markets.

Keep an idea journal – Idea journals are a good way to jot down great ideas that come to you in the middle of the night or while you are at a meeting.

Network up – Use mentorship opportunities to help to strengthen your knowledge.

Network horizontally – It is important that your peers are there to help you through your journey. Meet them regularly.

Network down – You will have more knowledge and experience than others. Give back and help other upcoming entrepreneurs with what you have learned so far.

Be open to advice – Business advice can really push your business to where you want it to go. Always appreciate and take on advice from others.

And don’t listen – Learn to trust your gut and sift through advice.

Work with people you like – It will be a miserable journey to the top if you are forced to work with people who are difficult to work with.